Audio books

Different topics - many possible applications

What is it about?

Whether in the car or jogging, audio books are an ideal companion.

With our range of different audio books, we are happy to offer the supplementary possibility of further training in this way.

With our audio books – Hearouts – we specifically address the auditory learning type.

The goal is to provide efficient and sustainable support in various further education topics – during the self-learning phase.

We offer the purchase simply as a download*.

We invite you to listen in directly:

Link Infotainment at ist best! – Presentation

Link Eisbergmodell – Communication


Want to know more? …. successive topics are accompanied by audio books – hearouts – of varying duration:


  • Presentation technology and infotainment
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Learning to learn
  • Leading learning groups
  • Seminar design
  • Visualisation – graphic forms of representation


Individual segments – duration 2 to 4 minutes – as download from € 2.50 net

Complete topic areas – duration 15 to 30 minutes – as download from € 8.90 net


* or on request with USB stick

Interesting for

  • All those who would like to experience professional development in the self-learning phase
  • Trainees from all areas of different training years
  • (Internal) trainers – experienced and in training

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