leadInstinct.® Experience-based learning

Knowledge transfer, competence development and job interviews with the LEGO® Serious Play® method, Metalog® business games and/or Serious Games® in vocational training

Training description

The basic idea behind serious games is as plausible as it is interesting: In didactically sensible game scenarios, many things can be experienced and practised that purely theoretical knowledge transfer – lectures or printed material – cannot achieve. At the same time, fun is not neglected.


Example of the use of LEGO® Serious Play®: Recruiting – Accessment Centre, Self-organisation, Goal setting and personality development, Change as an opportunity – Dealing with change, Agile Leadership
Example of the use of Metalog® tools: Recruiting – Accessment Center, Communication, Teambuilding, Intercultural Communication, Competence Development for Managers

Interesting for

  • Executives
  • HR employees
  • Instructors
  • Trainers/Coaches

Training contents General

  • Teaching the basics of workshop moderation
  • Scientific background on how experiential learning works
  • Seminar Design Basics – The Guide
  • Questioning techniques – from global questions to fragmentation questions to solution questions
  • Design and structure of a workshop using the game tools

LEGO® Serious Play® contents

  • General rules during the construction phases
  • Basic steps of the Lego® Serious Play® basic process
  • Building own models with corresponding questions
  • Landscape models
  • Difference between Lego® Serious Play® and “conventional” facilitation
  • Tasks and role of the LEGO® Process Facilitator
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Transfer to the own environment

Contents on Metalog®

  • General rules during the phases of play
  • Explanation of the game instructions
  • Tasks and role of the moderator
  • Moderation during the game phases
  • Difference between Metalog® and “conventional” moderation
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Transfer to the own environment

Methods / on site and live online

  • Trainer short presentations
  • Discussion rounds
  • Group work
  • Active exercise sessions
  • Transfer of practice


Experience-based Learning

Knowledge transfer with LEGO® Serious Play®, Metalog® business games and Serious Games®.

395 € / On site
plus tax


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