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Skilful presentation

Training description

Studies show that it is not the message but rather the personality, appearance and credibility that have the greatest influence on the audience. Therefore, what is needed are not rehearsed gestures or rhetorical finesse but authenticity and charisma. The best stories, surprise effects and contributions only reach the audience if they are presented convincingly. This training focuses on topics related to personal presence and expressiveness, as well as the effect in front of an audience.

Interesting for

  • Project managers
  • Executives
  • Instructors
  • Apprentices
  • Trainers
  • Coaches

Training content

  • Convince through a positive attitude
  • Create attention and impact
  • Connection between voice and competence
  • Mastering difficult questions
  • Body language, facial expressions and gestures
  • Keywords hold the attention

Methods / on site and live online

  • Trainer short presentations
  • Discussion rounds
  • Group work
  • Active exercise sessions
  • Feedback discussions


Infotainment at its best!

Skilful presentation

295 € / On site
plus tax


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