coachInstinct.® Success factor group coaching

Learning processes through group participants in the same or similar position

What is it about?


The cross-company questions of the employees – example: managers of one level – are offered a space for exchange of experience, transfer and reflection. One of the goals of group coaching is to think outside the box and to participate in the different experiences of the participants. Thus, an intensive, continuous learning process – development process – is made possible.


The group size is ideally 4 – 6 people. The personal framework conditions can be customised.


In order to ensure a continuous learning process, several coaching units – from experience 5 to 8 – within a fixed period of time are helpful.

Interesting for

  • Executives
  • Managing Directors
  • Competence development through external exchange

Possible procedure

Preliminary work

  • Eliciting the concerns of the participants

Inside the Coaching

  • Current information – general questions
  • Link to previous session (reflection/transfer)
  • Determining the order of processing – Basis survey of concerns
  • Goal clarification
    • more detailed description of the concern
    • Clarifying the goals for (each)this coaching sequence


  • Processing and solution development
    • The coachee works on his/her concerns in dialogue or with specific methods and develops possible solutions with the support of the group.
  • Transfer
    • Concrete measures to achieve the goals are developed
  • Exchange
    • Collegial case counselling in a moderated setting
    • Feedback can be provided
  • Determination of contents for follow-up appointments – Order of processing
  • Conclusion


  • Developing conflicts and conflict resolution strategies for one’s own company
  • Support in the change process through different approaches/experiences
  • Performancesteigerung durch externen Blick
  • Positioning in one’s own company – Leadership development