coachInstinct.® Success factor individual coaching

Exploit individual development potential through 1:1 counselling

What is it about?

In this – most popular – coaching variant, the interactive, person-centred approach of the coaching methods plays just as big a role as the relationship structure, which must be right between coach and coachee.

Individual coaching takes place with us in a business context and is used by employees at different levels of management.

The coach supports and accompanies his coachee individually.

  • Formulation of goals
  • Development of solutions in challenging situations
  • Exercising the role in the company

If an intensive and long-term cooperation is desired, an external coach allows for more discretion as an important prerequisite to better deal with deeper levels of a problem.

In order to ensure the continuous development process, several coaching units – from experience 5 to 8 – within a period of time to be determined are helpful..

Our coaching sessions can take place as presence coaching and/or live online coaching.

Interesting for

  • Executives
  • Managing Director
  • Competence development of employees from all areas

Possible procedure

Regardless of the desired method of implementation


Step 1: Initial interviews/job clarification interviews with the supervisor


Step 2: Initial interview with the coachee


Step 3: Triangulation in each case between coachee and supervisor and coach


Time: For steps 1 to 3 we set a total of 2 coaching units (presence/live online) of 1.5 hours each = 3 hours


Step 4: Coaching – each 2.5 hours


Time: Experience shows that between 3 and 6* coaching units of 2.5 hours are needed within a measure.


Step 5: Closing/balancing discussions (triangulation) – duration 1 hour.


* These values are estimated based on the sample calculation.


  • Reflect on own patterns of thinking, behaviour and communication


  • Discovering and using new scope for action


  • Activating your own potential


  • Improving performance through an external view


  • Positioning in one’s own company – Leadership development


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