comInstinct.® Complaint management

Dealing skilfully with difficult situations

Training description

Dealing with complaints is one of the most difficult situations in the service sector. Emotions are running high on both sides and obstruct access to objective argumentation. But it is precisely in the skilful and efficient handling of complaints that there are opportunities for customer loyalty! In this training you will learn how to turn an agitated and an angry customer into a satisfied customer.

Interesting for

  • Service employees
  • Department managers who want to train their staff in service skills
  • Trainers
  • Coaches

Training content

  • They learn how complaints occur and – what is worse – why some customers do not even get in touch
  • You train to deal professionally with emotionally charged situations
  • You get insights and tools for dealing with difficult situations
  • You do not see a complaining customer as a catastrophe, but as an opportunity for customer loyalty

Methods / on site and live online

  • Trainer short presentations
  • Discussion rounds
  • Group work
  • Active exercise sessions
  • Case studies from practice


Complaint management

Skilful handling of difficult situations.

295 € / On site
plus tax


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