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  1. Registration For in-house measures, you will receive an order confirmation together with all the required data. You are also welcome to send us a purchase order. Registrations for open seminars and / or training courses must be made in writing. This is also possible via our website. We will confirm receipt of the registration in writing, making participation in the seminar legally binding. All services purchased are regarded as an immediate purchase and are legally binding as such.
  2. Payment – Due Date With regard to in-house measures, the seminar costs will be invoiced after the seminar has been completed and are due upon receipt. With regard to open seminars, the seminar costs are due upon receipt of the invoice, before the seminar begins. Services for download and / or video online training are activated and made available to you against payment in advance – payment options can be found on the shop page.
  3. Changes We reserve the right to make organizational changes to the planned itinerary of the seminar. If the speaker planned for a seminar is unable to attend for unforeseen reasons, we reserve the right to engage another qualified speaker.
  4. Failure We reserve the right to cancel any planned measures, for example if a speaker is absent – due to illness, traffic jam, accident – or if the number of participants is too low. In this case, the customer has no right to reimbursement of the costs incurred. Yet, we will offer an appropriate alternative date. With regard to open seminars, there is no entitlement to conduct the seminar if less than 4 people participate. In any case, we endeavor to inform you of cancellations as early as possible. Claims, in particular for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs, as well as absenteeism, loss of profit or third parties appeals are excluded, except in cases of willful or grossly negligent behavior by employees or other vicarious agents of our company.
  5. Cancellation (customer) If you cancel within 4 weeks of the start date of the seminar, a cancellation fee of 90% of the seminar price will be due. If you do not show up without prior notification, the full seminar fee will be charged. Cancellations must be made in writing – by email or letter. The date of receipt is decisive for the cancellation. Regarding in-house measures, you have the option of partaking at an alternative date within the following 3 months. In turn, 30% of the calculated cancellation costs will be offset against the replacement date. Non-refundable travel expenses (e.g. flight, hotel) will be charged in full. You have the option of sending a substitute participant at any time.
  6. Cancellation (service provider) If the customer cancels an already planned and confirmed training measure, due to poor performance, the commissioned service provider can be charged administration fees of EUR 65.00 + VAT per participant. Live online training: A short term cancellation is not possible free of charge. We charge a flat rate of EUR 150.00 per date.
  7. Fees If the order processing / invoicing takes place in your program, we charge a service fee of EUR 65.00 per order / invoice. All prices mentioned and / or offered are exclusive of the applicable statutory value added tax. Travel and accommodation costs for a speaker for seminars at the customer’s premises are not included in the seminar prices and are charged separately.
  8. Copyright The participants are not authorized to copy, reproduce or make available to third parties the seminar documents – not even in part – without our prior written consent.
  9. Additional Agreements If the speakers are freelance partners who work for trainInstinct, the customer is committed to undertaking all additional assignments with these exclusively via trainInstinct. This applies to all existing assignments and those following over the course of 3 years. In the event of a violation of this agreement, claims for damages will be asserted, corresponding to lost sales. Should individual points of the terms and conditions be ineffective, the remaining points will remain unaffected. Additions or changes to the terms and conditions must be made in writing in order for them to be legally valid.
  10. Place of jurisdiction The place of jurisdiction is agreed between the contracting parties at the headquarters of trainInstinct.-Training, i.e. Frankfurt.
Status: January 2022 Applies to all orders after this point in time – existing contracts and special agreements remain unaffected.

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