Managers and employees are currently facing special challenges, special questions and surprising opportunities.

Individual coaching

In coaching there are no ready-made solutions. Proposed solutions are discussed with targeted – possibly provocative – questions, through active listening and with clear feedback. The goal is to actively develop the coachee in his/her role.

Developing existing competences and building new ones is one of the priorities that characterise our coaching measures.

Group coaching

Group coaching brings together either professionals or self-employed people from similar fields of work and possibly – depending on the type of assignment – different employers. Executive coaching is a particularly common form of group coaching. It is important that the participants in group coaching have similar tasks – departmental management – but do not work together in normal everyday work, but have only come together in the context of coaching.

Group coaching has the advantage that the participants can exchange ideas and learn from each other. The advantage here is that everyone comes from different fields and thus different perspectives come about in a group reflection. In group coaching, the work is solution-oriented and the focus is always on expanding competences and defining personal goals.


  • Performance improvement
  • Using synergies and strengths
  • Positioning within the company

Team coaching

In contrast to group coaching, team coaching brings together the members of a team/project. These people therefore work together in their everyday work.

Team coaching is used when there is a current problem in the team that reduces the team’s performance. The goal of team coaching is to promote the team’s ability to work and autonomy on this basis and to solve success and work blockages in the team. The focus of project and team coaching is therefore on working on and solving topic-specific issues that affect the entire team.

Team coaching represents the “top class”. With professional, systemic support from coaches, a group of people at work develops into a high-performance team that consciously uses its resources and strengths. You decide the period and duration according to your needs.
Our work is tailored to you and your company, solution and process-oriented and systemic.


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