comInstinct.® Negotiate - but safely!

Master negotiations with customers, colleagues and partners skilfully

Training description

Negotiating successfully can be learned! Your own negotiating skills can be expanded and strategically optimised. In this training you will learn how to place your arguments in such a way that you are convincing and reach stable agreements even under difficult conditions.

Interesting for

  • Employees in internal sales
  • Salespersons in the office and in the field
  • Self-employed
  • Executives

Training content

  • You develop strategies for professional negotiation
  • You learn about the advantages of the strategic impasse
  • You learn how to deal confidently with different interlocutors
  • You will learn how to prepare yourself and your team perfectly for a negotiation.


  • Trainer short presentations
  • Discussion rounds
  • Group work
  • Active exercise sessions
  • Case studies from practice

Time recommendation one day

Daily rate from 1550€


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