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Training description

If cultural differences are ignored, ways of thinking are not understood, and manners are regarded as secondary, conflict potential can develop. Often it is no longer possible to understand how the conflict came about and the damage is often irreparable. Now it is important to avoid risks that arise due to cultural differences and a lack of know-how. On the contrary, synergy potentials and opportunities in multinational cooperation should be used creatively and effectively, taking into account country-specific characteristics.

Interesting for

  • Executives
  • Project managers
  • HR employees

Training content

  • Rough outline of the political, social and economic situation; demand-oriented e.g. Asia (India, Korea, China, Japan) and South America (Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina)
  • Multicultural behaviour – the three types of culture using the Lewis pyramid as an example
  • Dealing with being German
  • Who makes decisions and how are they prepared?
  • Work ethic
  • Leading international teams
  • Conscious communication behaviour and rules in personal conversations and on the phone
  • Know and avoid potential conflicts
  • Greetings and courtesies
  • Visual appearance and assessment of skills
  • Perception of others
  • Recognising and interpreting facial expressions, gestures, body language and posture

Methods / on site and live online

  • Lewis-Pyramid
  • Experiential learning: Business games
  • Trainer short presentations
  • Discussion rounds, group work
  • Case studies from practice


Intercultural Competence - Intercultural Awareness

Acting successfully and appropriately with people from other cultures – Diversity

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