comInstinct.® Conflict management

Identify, prevent and resolve conflicts

Training description

Conflicts are part of everyday life, because every negotiation, every agreement on goals, every teamwork contains potential for conflict. Many people often recognise permanent conflicts in the early stages. But almost always the hope that the matter will resolve itself is in vain. And insecurity in dealing with the issue prevents the conflict from being nipped in the bud. Unresolved conflicts result in direct economic disadvantages.

Training content

  • Types of conflict: factual and personal conflicts
  • Causes, emergence and escalation of conflicts
  • Conflict perception and diagnosis
  • Techniques for the constructive resolution of conflicts
  • Viewing conflict as an opportunity
  • Structure of a conflict conversation
  • Emotional dynamics versus constructive conversations
  • Dealing with resistance, rejection, blockades
  • Finding ways out of the conflict spiral

Time recommendation several days; one day possible.

Daily rate from 1580€


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