salesInstinct.®Successful selling on the phone

Making professional sales calls on the phone

Training description

The aim of the training is to increase the efficiency of telephoning and at the same time also the quality of the conversation. The opening of the conversation, the reference to an existing offer and the closing of the sale are considered the most difficult phases in a sales conversation. Conversation management techniques are supported in concrete terms. Elements on the topic of selling on the phone are considered as well as the benefit for the customer.

Training content

  • Strengthening personal expression
  • Steering wheel of selling®
  • Asking for information without questioning the customer
  • Use cross-selling
  • Objections <> Pretexts – Recognising differences
  • Perceive termination signals
  • The follow-up to a conducted conversation

Time recommendation one day or several days;
Coaching in the workplace.

Daily rate from 1530€


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